Planned Retirement of Hosted Apps and Desktops Service

Planned Retirement of Hosted Apps and Desktops Service

Overlap between existing Atria service modules

Atria has two core service modules used for managing Desktops, Applications and associated Resources.  These are known as

  1. “Citrix” Service, (CITRIX) and
  2. “Hosted Apps and Desktops” Service (HAAD)

These service modules cover important use cases for service providers, the overlap in functionality between these two services requires consolidation.  

Due to complexity in implementation, known issues and technologies used in the Hosted Apps and Desktops service, we have decided to officially move to deprecate this service so we can simplify and improve our capabilities for managing desktops, applications and associated resources.  

Going forward, The Citrix service will be rebuilt as the Workspace service, this will be further enhanced and developed to provide a better overall solution.

Hosted Apps and Desktops - Support

The following table describes the support status with respect to different versions.  Support means helping with issues, maintenance means code changes to resolve issues or improve functionality.

System Version


HaaD Maintenance Ends

Cloud Portal Service Manager v11.5

Best Efforts


Atria v12.6, 12.7

Best Efforts

Upgrade Required

Atria v12.13

Best Efforts


Essential fixes only

Atria v15

Multi-tenant AD only


Essential fixes only

A migration process from Hosted Apps and Desktops to the Workspace service will be provided prior to the end of maintenance of Hosted Apps and Desktops for Atria v15


Best Efforts support means assistance will be provided in resolving issues, issue resolution may not be possible without upgrading to the latest version.

Essential Fixes Only – means maintenance will be provided in exceptional circumstances, such as needed to resolve a critical security vulnerability.

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