License Reporting Process

License Reporting Process


This guide describes how Service Providers should report their Atria License Usage as per their customer services agreement with Automate101 Ltd.

Click here for the License Reporting Portal URL.

Getting started

  1. When your company signs up with Automate101 and has an active Atria deployment, Automate101 will invite your License Reporting contacts to the reporting portal.
  2. Next step is to find the email and accept the invitation.
  3. You are then ready to create a license report.
To add more license reporting contacts, just flick us an email to

Reporting monthly process

  1. Each month, Automate101 will send a license reporting reminder to your key contact
  2. License reports must be created every month between 20th and the last day of the month in which the usage took place.
  3. To create a new report,  select the License Reporting tab page and click the + icon (located at the top right-hand side of the screen).
  4. After the figures have been reported, click save and then the report will be submitted to us.
  5. If incorrect figures are submitted, they are able to be updated from the portal any time up until the report has been invoiced. 
Late Reporting
Customers who do not report may be invoiced with the previous months usage plus a percentage uplift as per their agreement with Automate101

Forgotten your password?

No Problem - you can re-set your password from the portal here 

Reporting the numbers

  1. The monthly usage is reported as a point-in-time count of licenses on any day between the 20th and 30th of the month of activity taking place. 
  2. This number may change by the end of the month so,  to ensure the most accurate reporting, it is important to submit the report around the same date each month. This way, any changes will be picked up.
There is a Powershell script available to registered support accounts at our support site that counts the services used and calculates when to use the bundled SKU.

Updating contact details:

  1. The first tab page in the reporting portal is used for updating contact details.
  2. You can also contact if you have queries about this. 

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