How to Move and Copy users through the Web Management Portal

How to Move and Copy users through the Web Management Portal


This article will guide you how to move a user from one customer to another; and copy a user to create a new user.

Applies To:

CloudService Portal Manager V11.x
CloudService Portal Manager V11.5.x


User move can only be performed by Service Provider Administrator or Reseller Administrator. When moving a user;  user's designated Security Roles will be copied and carried over to the destination Customer as well. 

When a user is moved, all the services provisioned to the user are also moved. A user can only be moved with the following service provisioned; Hosted Exchange, Office Communication Server and Blackberry. All other services must be deprovisioned.

If the destination customer doesn’t have a service that is currently provisioned to the user being moved, e.g. Hosted Exchange, the user can’t be moved.  The service would have to be provisioned at the destination customer and then the user can be moved.


Moving a user to another Customer

1. From CPSM existing Customers are listed

2. Select Users > Configuration > Move

3. Search for the Source Customer, click Next 
      *Source Customer is the name of the company/organization where the user currently resides.

4. Search for the Source User, click Next
      *Source User is the name of the user you want to move.

5. Search for the Destination Customer, click Next
      *Destination Customer is the company/organization where you want to move the user.

6. Configure User Mapping, click Next
      *This is where upn, domain suffix and email address formats are mapped for the user.

7. Select Service Mapping, click Finish
      *This is where you select what services are to be provisioned for the user.       

          As mentioned before on this article; only the services listed below can be mapped during the user move process; all other services must be deprovisioned first in order to proceed with the move.          
  1. Hosted Exchange
  2. Office Communicator Service
  3. Blackberry

8. You should see this screen if the move was successful


User's email address has been changed to the destination Customer's format.

Copying a user

1. From CPSM  select the Customer where the user resides

2. Expand the selected user, click Copy User

3. Fill User Details and Password

4. At the Copy Services; select the services you want to copy, click Provision

5. You should see the new user in the list if the copy was successful


By selecting the Hosted Exchange on the Copy Services, a mailbox and email has been created for the new user

Active Directory

Common user attributes in Active Directory are also copied 

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