How to - Bulk import users from Active Directory

How to - Bulk import users from Active Directory

Sometimes, you need to import users that have been created in Active Directory, but not in Atria.

Whether these users were created via a Script, or users were created directly in Active Directory but not in Atria, you need a quick way to add them back in.

Atria has an inbuilt tool to "Active Directory Import" users from Active Directory, importing all of their properties, then provisioning the user.
This gives your team the ability to follow your previous processes of creating users, but importing them directly to Atria for service management. This is one of many ways to get the users into the Environment though!

How to Import Users using Directory User Import

First, Navigate to the "Users" of the customer where you'd like to import the users from Active Directory.

Next, on the Left hand menu select "Users" then "User Directory Import".

You'll then be redirected to the User Active Directory Import screen.

This provides an overview of the OU structure of Active Directory. Simply navigate to the OU where the user exists that you'd like to import.

Here there are two options on importing new users 
1. Whole OU import - This will import the whole "User Structure" OU into Atria
2. Per User import - This will import individual users and not the whole OU.

Once you've selected the OUs/Users, simply select "Import"

Now your user is available for provisioning and management from Atria.

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