Creating an Autotask API User for Atria

Creating an Autotask API User for Atria


In order to configure Atria to update Contracts in Autotask, you need to generate an API user and obtain the API username and password.
This article takes you through the steps of setting up a Security Level and a new user.

1. Set up a Security Level for the API User

In Autotask, Navigate to Admin > Account Settings & Users > Security Levels

Create a copy of the Default API User (API-Only) security level, once created you can revoke permissions that are not required. 
Rename the  Security Level to " Atria Restricted API Access"
CONTRACTS - Grant Full Permission 
CRM - set to "No Permission", then grant "ALL" Permission to Customer and Cancelation
ADMIN - remove all permission, then enable permissions for "Products, Services & Inventory"
WEB SERVICES API - Under feature access, check " Can logon to web services API"

2. Create an API User

Enter the details for the user that Atria will use to connect to Autotask

1. Select the Security Level created earlier.
2. Click on Generate Key to generate a unique and complex username key.
3. Click on Generate Secret to generate a unique and complex password.
4. Select "Integration Vendor"
5. In the drop down list, select " Automate101 - Service Automation"

Record the Username and Password!! - these will be needed for setting up the integration from Atria.

Now you are ready to configure the Atria to Autotask integration

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