Atria with Citrix Cloud

Atria with Citrix Cloud


This article provides a guide on how to set up Atria with Citrix Cloud. Where required details and links provided in this article have been extracted from Citrix documentation.
System Requirements refer to Citrix Cloud Documentation

Steps on Citrix Cloud Setup 

1. Create a Resource Location

2.  Install a Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent

3.  Create a Machine Catalog

4.  Create a Delivery Group

5.  Launch apps and desktops from your workspace

After all the above steps are complete, you can proceed to set up Atria with Citrix Cloud

Steps on Atria Setup

1. Verify that the Service Schema for Citrix is imported
      - In 12.13+, use this command to query if the Citrix service schema is imported
  1. Get-AtriaComponent | where-object component -eq 'Citrix' | FT
  3. If the above query did not return a result, then we need to import the service schema first
  4. Import-AtriaServiceSchema -Service Citrix
2. Enable Citrix Service in Atria
      - Configuration > Service Deployment > Top Environment Service, Enable Citrix service
      - Configuration > Service Deployment > AD Location Services,  Enable Citrix service

3. Setup a Server Collection in Atria (this will not be used - but just a requirement of the Citrix Service to not prompt any error)
      - Configuration > Server Collections, Create a new Server Collection- select the 2 Citrix Cloud Connector servers

4. After setting this up, please refer to the below video for further configurations and validation of the setup.
Please note the following video was created with Atria 12.6, the UI and main menu will be different in the latest releases.        

If there are any questions or assistance needed, feel free to contact

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