Atria API Policy

Atria API Policy


To provide direction and guidance to Atria customers and third parties integrating with Atria API’s. 

Atria API's

API Name
Cortex API
XML based over HTTPS https://{hostname}/cortexapi 
Used by AD Sync, Customer, User, Service Provisioning
Atria API
JSON/REST https://{hostname}/api
Billing API, Microsoft NCE License Management

API Direction

  1. The CortexAPI will continue to be supported for all existing services and custom services and for ADSync capability for the foreseeable future. 
  2. The CortexAPI at present is the primary API for integration and automation of Atria.   
  3. The Atria API will be the primary API for new development.  All new API’s will be added to the Atria API, unless there is a specific reason we need to add it to the CortexAPI. 

Notice of Changes to API’s 

  1. Where possible, breaking changes will be avoided (a change to an existing API which would require a change to code using that API) 
  2. If we must make a breaking change to an API we will advise in the release notes of the change and provide at least 2 weeks notice before the release is available   
  3. If we plan to deprecate any part of an API, we will give you at least 3 months' notice of such a change.   

Deprecation of Cortex API 

Modernization of the Atria platform will eventually lead to the replacement of all required API functionality into the new Atria API.  When we are able to foresee it being possible to fully deprecate the Cortex API and choose to deprecate the Cortex API, we will provide at least 6 months' notice. 

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