Atria and CPSM impacted by Microsoft Exchange April Update

Atria and CPSM impacted by Microsoft Exchange April Update


This issue impacts any version of CPSM or Atria used to manage Exchange 2013, 2016 or 2019 which have received the April Microsoft security update.

Last week Microsoft released a set of critical security fixes to Exchange

This update stops PowerShell cmdlets from executing using an invoked runspace.  Atria and CPSM use this technique for a subset of Exchange related provisioning and management processes.

Example Error message: The syntax is not supported by this runspace. This can occur if the runspace is in no-language mode.

At present this will impact:
  1. Provisioning Exchange to customers if Public Folders are enabled within the service plan
  2. Management of Public folders 
  3. Management of Resource Mailboxes

Workaround for Provisioning (Item 1)

Public Folders are generally not widely used, if customers are not using public folders – disabling public folders will allow customer provisioning to function correctly.  
  1. Navigate to Configuration > System Manager > Service Deployment.
  2. In "Management" side menu, select "Active Directory Location Services", then select a location where Hosted Exchange is offered. (Note: Do this to each affected location)
  3. Expand "Hosted Exchange" service item.
  4. Click "Service Settings" to expand.

  1. Scroll down and expand "Public Folders". Uncheck "Public Folders Enabled", click "Apply Changes". then Save.

Workaround for Item 2 and 3

Manage directly through Exchange Management Console until the patch is available.


The patch is now available for Version 12.13.x and 12.6.x  (CPSM is still in testing).  Please refer to the following article for the hotfix.

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